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Name:Sora [AU]
Birthdate:Jan 1
AU Part 1 || AU Part 2 (coming soon) || Character List

⇨ Everything was the same until after BBS, save for Hook having both hands
⇨ One day, Sora, age five, was kidnapped upon returning home
⇨ Woke up in a bed with Kairi watching over him
⇨ Was told not to cry because the Shadows liked that
⇨ Was soon called to see the king, "Ansem" (Seeker of Darkness)
⇨ Was then told his parents had abandoned him to the darkness and he had been taken in by Ansem
⇨ Sora refused to believe this, stating his parents would come for him
⇨ Days and weeks went by, and his parents still didn't come; Sora began to believe Ansem
⇨ Eventually Kairi was sent to the Islands; to Sora, she just disappeared, leaving him alone with Ansem
⇨ Ansem began to teach him about the darkness and the Heartless
This was all an experiment to see if he could raise someone of brilliant light into one whose heart was deep in the darkness
⇨ As the years went by, Sora began to believe his parents had left him
⇨ One day he ran away to Neverland to make friends
⇨ Became close to the Lost Boys and Peter
⇨ However, he ran back home after he witnessed Peter cut off Hook's hand and feed it to a crocodile
⇨ Was "comforted" by Ansem and became nearly blindly loyal
⇨ Steadily became darkened over the years
⇨ Not entirely sane due to near isolation
⇨ Was eventually tasked with destroying worlds, which he was lead to believe was for the better
⇨ Has returned to Destiny Islands a few times to confirm his parents have left him behind; their house is empty (in truth, Ansem killed them to remove loose ends)
⇨ Eventually confronted Riku in the equivalent of the beginning of KH1
⇨ Riku failed to remember him due to the trauma of discovering Sora's parents the morning after they were killed
⇨ Sora ordered the Islands destroyed in an attempt to erase his own pain
⇨ Has since vowed to kill Riku and end his own suffering
⇨ Quietly regrets his reaction and destruction of the Islands
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