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Meow Wow:
Name: Rolly

Cat or dog? Boy or girl? Friend or fiend? One thing's for sure: this Dream Eater is adorable. Warning: fire freaks it out.


Stray: Aggressively uses all horn attacks.
- Horn Strike/Slice/Dive/Bounce.

Rascal: Attacks recklessly with leaping Horn Dives.
- Horn Bounce, Curaga, Combo Assist.

Smart Cookie: Mostly participates by doing magic attacks.
- Horn Dive, Curaga, Balloonga, Combo Assist, Slow, Vanish.

Sidekick: Devotes itself more to replenishing allies' HP.
- Horn Strike/Slice/Dive, Curaga, Slow, Vanish.
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Darkness Levels: 80%
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x4 changes of clothes
x1 Requiem
x1 Shadow


Jul. 30th, 2012 05:11 pm
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Dream #1:
A hurt boy lashes out and destroys that which he did not mean to hurt...
Joiner: Riku (OU)
Dreamscape: Destiny Islands/Islandfall
Memory: The desolate remains of an island reflect the inner turmoil of a boy. Alone, he must face the feelings in his heart, laid bare for all the worlds to see.
Prevalent themes: Abandonment, regret, loneliness

Dream #2:
A child's heart is easily injured...
Joiner: Sayaka, Sora (OU) as a diver
Dreamscape: Sora's childhood home
Memory: An empty house confirms the boy's worst fears, leaving his heart injured. He defaces what he can in order to ease the ache.
Prevalent themes: Rage, numbness

Dream #3:
A small child finds himself in a strange place...
Joiner: Kairi (OU)?, Ventus (OU) as a diver
Dreamscape: Hollow Bastion
Memory: A young boy wakes in a strange world, and he finds himself alone with shadows that haunt the hallways.
Prevalent themes: Desperation, loneliness, fear

Dream #4:
A young boy begins to believe a stranger's words...
Joiner: Naminé, Fey/Xion (AU) as a diver
Dreamscape: Hollow Bastion
Memory: The empty halls reflect the broken heart of a small child that begins to realize his parents aren't coming. Perhaps, then, the man who has offered him a home is right.
Prevalent themes: Abandonment, despair
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Canon remains much the same up until after BBS. And there, it only changes soon before Kairi is sent off. The only difference up until then is Hook--he doesn't lose his hand until AFTER BBS.

Sora and Riku are best friends, getting ready to explore the Secret Place for the first time. They part ways for the night and Sora goes home, not knowing that his parents had been murdered while he was away. Immediately, when he gets home, he runs upstairs to get changed out of his sandy clothes, bathe and get dressed for bed for the night before dinner. After he enters his room, suddenly everything goes dark. At this time, Ansem (Xehanort's Heartless) has grabbed him and kidnapped him.

Riku arrives the next morning and finds the bloody mess left behind, the trauma repressing all memories connected to Sora. Meanwhile, Sora awoke in a bed in the still somewhat intact castle of Hollow Bastion. Kairi is sitting at his bedside, and comforts him, telling him to not cry because the shadows like that. Soon after, Sora was taken to see Ansem.

He told Sora his parents had abandoned him and that Ansem had found him wandering the darkness and taken him in. Sora denied this vehemently, and his parents would come for him. But time passed, and his parents never came. And a few months after his arrival, Kairi was gone, too. She arrived on the islands, and befriended Riku after she recognized him as the boy Sora told her about. She didn't try and bring Sora up, because she didn't want Riku to know he'd ended up in a terrible place. And so, life went on.

While Riku and Kairi grew up with a relatively normal life, Sora endured years of training his body and mind, growing close to Ansem. The Heartless King played the role of father, teaching Sora his views on things, taking Sora to ending worlds and showing him the darker side of humanity. He forbade Sora from going anywhere on his own.

Eventually, Sora betrayed this, running away. He ended up in Neverland, and there met Peter and became a Lost Boy, feeling like he finally could be normal. They played all day, and during a game of hide-and-seek, Sora met Hook--who had been contacted by Ansem to keep an eye out for the boy. Hook spun a story about how Peter kept taking the treasure he had worked hard to find to take back to his poor, old mother, and that he feared if he delayed too much longer, he would not be able to use the gold to provide a comfortable last few years for her. Sora was unsure how to view this, so he went to finish the game. However, everything turned sour when they went to go harass Hook, and Peter ended up cutting off the man's hand and feeding it to a crocodile, then laughing.

Sora was horrified. "Good guys" wouldn't do that. So he ran back home, and cried on his bed. Ansem came to him, and comforted him--a clever ruse to pull the boy in closer and darken his views of the worlds. And so, Sora became almost blindly loyal to Ansem.

Years passed like this, and Sora was eventually allowed to command Heartless and travel at will. So he went to the islands, and found his childhood home empty. So instead, he went to go visit the play island, and there he met Riku. He tried to make Riku remember him, but the boy kept insisting he didn't know Sora. Hurt, and all of the issues from the perceived abandonment by his parents bubbled to the surface. He ordered the Heartless to eliminate the world, and they did it. Riku was left to die.

From there on, canon happens similarly, with Riku in Sora's place and Sora acting as a representative of Ansem at the villain meetings. they crossed paths again inside Monstro, where Sora sent the Parasite Cage after Riku. Upon returning to Hollow Bastion, Ansem made it clear that they needed Riku for now because of his Keyblade. So time went on, and eventually, they captured Riku on Hook's ship. There, Sora revealed he'd collected Kairi and that Riku didn't have his priorities straight.

Then, Riku was sent to the hold, and after escaping that with the help of Peter, he found some Ansem reports--things he had been collecting across worlds. And in one, he found that Sora had been just an experiment, and caught a glimpse of Sora's past in the form of a diary entry. He chased down Sora, but he escaped, leaving behind a shadow version of Riku--that, with a few Fire spells, turned out to be a Heartless that Neverland's magic had projected Sora's inner issues involving Riku on (primarily, his jealousy and desire to have a better life). When it only gave Riku information, Ansem destroyed it. Riku went on to face Hook, and eventually moved on to Hollow Bastion.

There, Sora offered him a position at his side, saving Kairi and helping his adoptive father. Riku refused, so Sora stole his Keyblade, refusing to fail. He then went to go show his father, but was quickly followed into the entrance hall, where Riku confronted him and ended up earning back his Keyblade. Sora, angry, attacked. A few slashes and the reports Riku had collected went everywhere. Sora caught the report about Ansem, and instead of accepting this, Sora ran. Riku gave chase, but while he was held up by monsters and puzzles, Sora ran to his father. And Ansem possessed him.

When Riku finally made it to the grand hall, he found Kairi on the ground. And then Ansem confronted him, seeking the heart he hid within himself. But Riku refused to give it up without a fight. And so, they fought, but it didn't last long. Sora's heart was on the verge of collapse--it couldn't bear the weight of Ansem's darkness on top of his own. So instead, he released Sora. And Sora, realizing what was coming, looking to Riku and whimpered his childhood friend's name before his heart was stolen.

Riku was devastated, left with the choice to free Kairi's heart with the Keyblade or let her sleep forever. He held her close, and the grief he felt dislodged her heart and returned it. Together, they ran, the other Princesses reviving. In the entrance hall, a small Shadow found them. Recognizing it as Sora and that it wasn't hostile, they took him and ran. After escaping to Traverse Town, they made a plan of action, and Sora, using a pencil and some paper, told them they had to close the Keyhole and that Ansem would have fled the castle to the world of the Heartless. So, together, they all went to close the Keyhole and chased Ansem down.

After a long, hard battle where Ansem tried to turn them against each other, he was defeated. But the door was still open, and it didn't seem they were strong enough to close it. So Sora took a risk and absorbed darkness from the area around them, transforming into a Neoshadow. With his enhanced strength, the entire group managed to close the door--Sora and Kairi on one half, Riku, Donald and Goofy on the second. As the door closed, Mickey from the inside gave words of encouragement. The door was sealed, then locked. Everything was going back to how it was, but Riku refused to go home until Sora was restored. Kairi decided to stay with him, as did Donald and Goofy as they were friends with Riku.

So they were taken to a safe place by the restoring worlds. However, once they left, Sora dwindled back to a normal Shadow with no more darkness to feed upon. They began their next journey together, hand in hand.

And so, the first story ends...


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